Science of human development

What is whole child development? What are the steps of development? What are the sensitive periods of brain plasticity? How to best support the development? What factors impact development? The science that tries to answer those questions is called Developmental Psychology.

Here is an attempt to call for all the scientists around the world to contribute to mapping human development in a way that can be used in supporting it in education. The idea is to have an accessible summary of the scientific literature and knowledge for use in education. Your contribution is precious!

For educators who want to become amateur scientists, you can search for scientific literature on google scholar, or .  If you need to access a paper you can check it at 

Map of human development 

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Map of the development of a human.pptx

Interesting scientific studies:

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Interesting scientific studies:

A list of peer-reviewed scientific papers per topic. 

Anxiety and screens in adolescents