Educational Plans

Here, the goal is to share and build upon the amazing work of educators around the world. Ideally the documents are modifiable and you can copy, change, or add whatever you like. Please share with us your modifications either directly in the document or by uploading a modified version. Access the database here. You can find links to modifiable documents inside the database.

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There are plenty of great educational resources out there. They are not all modifiable, but still useful. You can explore and add sources here. Please share only free resources. There is also a tab for recommending books.

A way to build an education for thriving people on a thriving planet is to ask the students to solve real life problems. Here are some ideas and associated modifiable documents.



What role our cities play in saving our planet and improving equity, equality and quality of life? See how your own town can improve.

Starting and running a bike repair shop

Starting and running a clothing repair service

Infant & Toddler

I'm sharing some of my work during my training in Montessori method for Infants and Toddlers. Click here to access.